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Energy for Now and into the Future

Leveraging the expertise of global and New Zealand based leading technology providers, to drive sustainable outcomes for the rural sector.

In the renewable energy sector, hydrogen is gathering momentum as a clean energy source and as the preferred heavy transport fuel solution. Now New Zealand has an opportunity to make hydrogen an integral part of a secure sustainable energy future.


Renewable energy secures the future of the agricultural sector.

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Green Hydrogen

Certified green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen production and retail support the adoption of future fuels in Aviation, Rail, Heavy Transport, Marine Retail, and Industrial applications.

Canterbury hydrogen is part of a national network developed to support New Zealand’s drive to a carbon-neutral transport industry.

Local and Sustainable

Zero carbon hydrogen production.

Green hydrogen uses water electrolysis during production: a low-cost, small footprint, clean energy alternative to fossil fuel.

South Island hydroelectricity powers hydrogen production providing the Agritech Business Park with certified green hydrogen with zero carbon emissions, producing oxygen as a by-product. The deployment of a solar infrastructure provides resilience and the redundancy.

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Locally Accessible Future Fuels

A demand-driven scalable South Island green hydrogen production plant will support the green energy demands of the heavy vehicle sector in Canterbury and to a wider South Island fuel dispensing infastructure.

Leading global technology providers will develop and commission hydrogen production manufacturing infrastructure as well as retail hydrogen refuelling stations. Allowing industrial and retail access to future fuels and energy that will include fast-charging EV and biofuels.

Canterbury hydrogen will collaborate with blue chip partners to support the deployment of a national hydrogen-powered heavy vehicle fleet.

The hydrogen solution will support initiatives in aviation, civil contracting and on-farm machinery. Industrial solutions that will reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in the industrial heat exchange industry.

A Secure Future

Leveraging science and technology to develop resilience in manufacturing and process industries and the rural heavy transport sector.

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